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Magic Flight Launch Box Monocle Edition

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Magic Flight Launch Box Monocle Edition

Limited Edition Magic Flight vaporizer kit

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The Magic Flight Launch Box for the Ultra Classy, the Monocle Edition, is still the smallest, fastest, and stealthiest vaporizer available!

The Magic Flight Launch Box Monocle Edition combines the utility of the classic Launch Box, the beauty of hand carved walnut wood and the steam punk looks of the Muad Dib optical glass "Monocle" cover. Rounding out the package are the new Gold Cell Battery Set.

Good looks aside, overall this is still an ultra portable vaporizer that you can use anywhere, anytime. It provides a convenient, reliable and efficient alternative to smoking. How small is it? How about only 2.5" by 1.25" by 0.9" in size.

The Launch Box Vaporizer is easy to use: simply load with finely ground materials and insert a charged battery; the nearly instant heat-up provides immediate vapor. You can load, use, and reload without having to wait. It can even be used in windy conditions! In fact, the Box is so fast, small, quiet and odor free that it can easily be used in situations where nothing else can.

How does it work?
It's easy -- simply grind your clean herbal material to a fine consistency using a regular grinder (Space Case is the best). Slide the lid to one side and sprinkle your material into the bowl. Close the lid, firmly press a freshly charged battery into the Box, and start enjoying your vapor. After each hit, withdraw the battery, and shake the Box to stir the material inside -- this ensures that the Box is always fresh and ready when you need it. Repeat as needed.

• Walnut Monocle Edition Launch Box
• 2 Rechargeable AA NiMh Gold Cell Batteries
• NiMh AA Battery Charger
• Natural hemp draw-string pouch
• Magic-Flight Cleaning Brush
• Glass Stem
• 2 Black Battery Caps
• Velvet pouch
• Lifetime Warranty

The Magic Flight Launch Box kit includes the latest Launch Box vaporizer with a battery push back ring. Everything you need to get started arrives in a custom tin to hold it all (makes a great gift).

Durable, robust and small enough to hide in your hand, you can easily pre-load it, put it in a pocket, and take it with you for an instant hit wherever you go, even in windy conditions. In fact, the Box is so ultra-compact, ultra-quiet and ultra-fast that it can be used in many situations where you would not smoke. Also, unlike other vaporizers, the immediate heat up and cool down ensures that you can use, reload, and reuse without having to wait.

Using a vaporizer can be 3-5X more efficient than smoking, so using one can quickly result in significant savings in addition to the health benefits. By blending classical physical science with detailed engineering analysis, the Launch Box achieves good performance without fussy digital circuits, lights or flammable gases (no lighter needed). Unlike butane based portable vapor systems, there are no combustion by-products, no sounds and virtually no odor. Forget about those lighter based ones as well. With the Magic Flight there is no butane to suck down like you get with the VaporGenie.

Technical notes: The Magic-Flight Launch Box uses a single ordinary AA rechargeable NiMh battery (2000mAh or higher) and is shipped with a compact battery charger and extra battery. Other ultra-fast 15 minute AA chargers and AA batteries may be used with this device, as long as they are of sufficient strength and are NiMh (alkaline or any other battery chemistry will not work or last long). Rechargeable batteries included must be fully charged before use (about 4 hours of charge time), and may be left in the provided charger between vaping sessions. A single fully charged battery can be expected to provide approximately five minutes of draw time.

Lifetime Product Functional Warranty
Magic-Flight provides a lifetime functional warranty for all Launch Box vaporizers. They will replace defective or damaged Launch Boxes Free of Charge.

Made in the USA
Magic Flight

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