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Magic Flight Muad Dib Concentrate Vape Noir

Magic Flight Muad Dib Concentrate Vape in Noir Zoom

Magic Flight Muad Dib Concentrate Vape Noir

USA Made concentrate vaporizer from Magic Flight

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The Magic Flight Muad Dib Concentrate Vaporizer is the only portable oil/wax vape Made in the USA. If you have had a bad experience with a Chinese pen, you appreciate why this detail is important!

The Magic Flight Muad-dib (pronounced maw-deeb) Concentrate Vape includes everything you need to easily, quickly, and safely vaporize concentrates, oils, and herbal extracts*. No torch required means safer dabbing! A tiny, pin-head-sized amount is all you need for an amazing experience.

The Muad Dib is an ultra portable concentrate vaporizer that you can use anywhere, anytime. It provides a stylish, convenient, reliable and efficient alternative to cheap Chinese vape pens. How small is it? How about only 2.5" by 1.25" by 0.9" in size.

The Muad-dib uses the same simple, patented technology as the Launch Box Vaporizer, but with a smaller and user-replaceable screen design that reaches 900ยบ in just three seconds. The Muad-dib uses the same batteries and the Launch Box, but drastically improves on battery life, allowing you more than fifty uses on a single charge. It also features a brushed-brass lid, an optical-grade lens, and a brass bowl-insert that makes cleaning a snap. Due to the higher heat produced by this vaporizer, a 1.5 ft. black, silicone draw whip with brass ends is included in place of a draw stem to help cool the vapor before you inhale.

Each Magic Flight Muad-dib Concentrate Box Kit includes:
- Noir Muad-dib Concentrate Vape
- 2 Rechargeable AA NiMH Batteries w/caps
- Battery Charger
- Sleek Velvet Pouch replaced the Felt-lined decorative tin on 4/20/18
- 1.5 ft. Black Silicone Draw Whip
- Brass Loading spoon
- 1 Extra Replacement Screen
- Muad-dib Flight Guide

*This vape has been carefully designed for use with legal hemp-based extracts and oil concentrates. Use with other oils, such as E-Liquids (for use with e-cigarettes) pose serious health concerns and is strongly discouraged. Many herbal oils contain additives whose effects are not well understood. Additives generally considered safe for use in a vape pen configuration may become harmful when magnified by the action of the Muad-dib Concentrate Box. In other words don't use cheap crap in this! This is for the good stuff!

Please note one more time: this product does not vaporize dry herbal material (flowers); it is specially designed for Concentrates ONLY.

Lifetime Product Functional Warranty
Magic-Flight provides a lifetime functional warranty for all Muad Dib Concentrate vaporizers. They will repair or replace defective or damaged Muad-dibs Free of Charge as long as your serial # is intact and you have not willfully damaged it.

Made in the USA
Magic Flight

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