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Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1

Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1 Zoom

Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1

Improved Power Adapter from Magic Flight!

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The New and Improved Magic Flight Power Adapter 2.1 replaces your need for batteries at home or in your car (includes car adapter too). It delivers steady power for perfect and consistent sessions with your Launch Box every time.

The built-in power dial gives you complete control over your vaporizing experience by allowing you to use your Box with a wide variety of temperature settings. It can function at cooler temperatures for your herbal blends and hotter temperatures for vaporizing with your Water Pipe Whip and Magic Flight Concentrate Trays. A must for effortless dabs in the Muad Dib concentrate box as well.

The battery shaped banana plug fits snugly into any generation of the Launch Box or Muad Dib and ensures a dependable connection that stays in once inserted. Power is engaged to your Launch Box through an easy-to-press button located on the end of the battery adapter making vaporizing with your Magic Flight easier than ever.

The Power Adapter 2.1 was completely redesigned on the inside with a new durable plastic shell on the outside. The slimmer, sleeker, and lighter-weight design is also more affordable which is a nice bonus for MFLB fans everywhere.

Included with your new Magic Flight Power Adapter:
- Power Adapter 2.1
- A/C Wall Adapter Plug (100-240v)
- 12v Car Adapter Plug
- Power Adapter Flight Guide

The Power Adapter 2.1 carries Magic-Flight's Lifetime Functional Warranty. If you ever have an issue with your Power Adapter, or if it ever stops functioning, you're covered. They will walk you through simple troubleshooting techniques, and if necessary, will replace your PA with a fully functional unit.

(starring the Power Adapter 1.0 and Waterpipe Whip)

Made in USA
Magic Flight

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2 Reviews

Review by Alexander
  • 5.0
Will seriously enhance your session
Everyone knows how great the magic flight launch box is. But with infinite juice your session will be supercharged!! Amazing quality vapor! Yes it's a bit pricey but trust me it's well worth it!!
Review by Brandon
  • 4.0
Frees you from battery dependencey
Great product. Works on car or home, gives you control of how high you'd like your Magic Flight Launch Box to heat up. Which was kind of a disaster because I cranked it all the way up and it burned my box up. So be careful with the adjustment.

2 Reviews

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