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Small Maple Dugout w/Poker

by: RYOT

Small Maple Wood Dugout Zoom

Small Maple Dugout w/Poker

by: RYOT
Small Dugout w/one hitter bat & poker

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This Dugout smoking system fashioned from real Maple with a dual-purpose magnetic twist top lid. This not only keeps the lid closed but also secures a poker in the bottom!

Same size as your standard small dugout, each consists of a box, a poker, and a small cigarette style one hitter bat. Two compartments; one contains the cigarette bat, the other is used to store your herbal material. The poker and lid is held in place by an internal magnet. All precision machined and finished.

dugout smokingTo use, twist open the lid of the MPB, remove the cigarette, push the cigarette into the storage compartment and give it a twist. This will fill the end of the cigarette with enough smoking material for "one hit". When finished, simply use the included poker to clear the ash, replace the cigarette and poker, and close it up.

Dugout systems with one hitters are ideal for when you are trying to quit cigarettes and want to reduce your intake of Tobacco.

Made in Taiwan

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3 Reviews

Review by Melanie
  • 5.0
Perfect pocket size
Small, discreet, elegant and easy to use.
Review by PJ
  • 5.0
Going to take some getting used to
I bought this dugout to replace my last one. The one I had prior, the screw was centered so no matter which way you spin the top, the bat was always accessible. This new dugout (Ryot) is different. The center screw is slightly offset. I assume this design allows for a larger "compartment" - I dont know. What I do know is that because of this offset screw the bat is only accessible if you spin the top clockwise. If you spin the top counterclockwise, the bat will not pop out because it's covered by the top.
All in all, it's quality stuff. I also noticed that it's much lighter than my old one. I think that's a good thing - I guess that's another thing to get used to. Built in poker is pretty nifty - magnet sucks it right into its place. There are magnets on the top also that insures no more spillage - very cool.
Review by Matthew
  • 5.0
If you're trying to hide your smoke this hide ne where

3 Reviews

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