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Medium Clear Tightvac (.57L)

by: Tightvac

Medium Clear Tightvac Smell proof fresh herbs Zoom

Medium Clear Tightvac (.57L)

by: Tightvac
Vacuum seal for Smell Proof freshness w/ 5+ oz capacity

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The Tightvac sucks out air as cap is pushed down, creating a vacuum seal. By creating this vacuum seal, the Tight Vac is Air Tight and Super Water Resistant to keep your herbal blend fresh. Push button down and pull off. Its that easy! Add an Integra Boost or a simple mini blimpie humidifier to keep that perfect moisture level or bring back dried herbs. Holds about 5oz of loose tea or other herbal blends.

Tightvacs also protect against bugs, rodents and roommates. The possibilities are endless... Did we mention that these ergonomic stash containers are Smell Proof?

  • Water Resistant

  • Air Tight

  • Size: ~5oz / .57 liter 5-3/4"tall x 3-1/4"diameter

Economical, air tight herb storage is the Tightvac's thing.

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Review by Roger
  • 5.0
Nifty Odor Free Item
Although I have only been using it a short time and I had some issues figuring out how to work it, it does a good job of eliminating the odor. It keeps it fresh. Good price and fast delivery
Review by Jeremy
  • 5.0
Keep it fresh !
Perfect size, and is really smelly proof (well you will smell a little bit if you don't keep the top part clean after months of use) The tightvac works great
Review by Justin
  • 4.0
nice for storage
does what it says , works great
Review by Madtrippinfool
  • 5.0
Love it
I used to use Mason jars until I found this. I have used it for a while now and love it. it keeps everything fresh and in one location. Also holds quite a bit. The vacuum seal is awesome. No smell is omitted. I need another one for ABV.
Review by John
  • 5.0
Love It!
Talk about the smell out of your everyday living environment! This thing is awesome if you need a little more privacy and less detection from "the snoop" in your life.
Review by Brenda J
  • 5.0
Not bad
i got these for my friend who's a go between. she drives a long way and was always nervous of a traffic stop because her car smelled. this really helped to eliminate the car smell. i would say it's 95% effective. if it's strong stuff a slight smell will still be detectable but not if you don't know what you're smelling.
Review by Umph43
  • 4.0
Pretty good
Pretty good, keeps about 90% of he smell in. Can't expect perfection.
Review by xstyles301
  • 5.0
Fresh to Death
Perfect size for your personal stash
Review by Ryan
  • 5.0
Great Piece
This container works great, holds about 1 to 1 and a half dry ounces. Nice air tight seal, great for in and out gabbing.
Review by weep
  • 5.0
Great storage
Keeps smell in and (most) air out.
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1-10 of 23 Reviews

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