Mini Fumed Beaker Water Pipe

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Personal sized beaker style waterpipe with fuming

This American made Mini Beaker pipe from TONY (made in NC) is effective and affordable. Fumed glass for some old school color changing. Why go cheap chinese for your next personal sized glass waterpipe when Made in the USA does the job.

The TONY Mini Beaker comes in at roughly 7 inches tall and sports classic glass slide with substantial pull handle set in the glass downstem with silicone grommet. Easy disassembly and cleaning.

The function on this affordably priced piece provides a super smooth and cooled smoking experience to help cool your smoke on those hot summer days.

This personal sized hand blown fumed beaker stands about 7 inches tall and is around 3.75 inches at the base. The mouthpiece measures up at ~42mm diameter. That's a sensible ~1.6 inch mouthpiece opening with convenient thumbrest on back.

Each TONY mini beaker glass water pipe is ready to go out of the box; just add water and herbs. As each water pipe is handblown, they will all be unique and vary from the photos. Fuming and shapes may vary slightly.

Handblown in the USA (North Carolina)