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Mini Clear Glass Blunt

Fumo Pipe in Pink Zoom

Mini Clear Glass Blunt

Glass Blunts for blunt action without the blunt

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This mini glass blunt from Dynomite Glass is ideal when you don't have time to roll up a blunt; or just want to ditch all the paper. Measures up at a pocket friendly 3.5in long.

To use a glass blunt, you start by extending the inner tube, fill the open chamber with herb and light it up! Push the tube in as you puff away to push out the spent product and expose more fresh.

This blunt from Dynomite is a much better choice compared to those glass blunts from Grav if you care where it's made. Dynomite Glass is actually made in America, not China like Grav Labs.

Made in the USA
Dynomite Glass

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