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MTP x Aaron Slater x Kilby Dab Bulb Rig

MTP x Aaron Slater x Kilby Dab Bulb Rig Zoom

MTP x Aaron Slater x Kilby Dab Bulb Rig

One of a kind rig from Monkey Throw Poop w/Kilby

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Insane three way MTP x Aaron Slater x Kilby. MTP's signature mismatched linework, decorated with Reef Marbles from Aaron and combined with the best low temp heat source, the Dab Bulb. Powered by the American made control unit from D-Nail. All portable in a protective Turtle case.

Hate to say it when referring to art of this caliber but beyond the fact that it's amazing, just do the math on what's included:

MTP Mismatched Rig with Custom Drop down
Decorated with Aaron Slater Marbles
MisMatched to Custom Kilby Dab Bulb (runs 400-500 deg)
Ninja Nail by D-NAIL (same hardware as D-NAiL Digital 1.2)
All inside the matching yellow Turtle T--Case

In Interest of full disclosure case has a few slight scuff marks on outside due to travel to shows and back.

This MTP rig w/setup is a one of a kind meaning what you see is what you get and there is no other like it. Free, Fully Insured Shipping in the US, Free Returns (if unhappy) and No Sales Tax! We pay it in NY and everywhere else is Tax Free.

Handblown in the USA (NYC!)

Check Monkey Throw Poop's Instagram feed for more glass goodness:: @mtpglass

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Monkey Throw Poop

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