My Bud Vase Coral Rosette

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Sophisticated waterpipe hiding out as a flower vase
Rise and bloom, Rosette. Strong and pretty, she’s one stoned rose. The Rosette collection is reminiscent of vintage French porcelain with a curvy body, stoneware relief flower, and matching stemmed poker. She’s delicate but never fragile, making her one powerful flower just like you. What you don't see is just as important; the glass pull slide bowl is hiding on the reverse so no one's the wiser.

The My Bud Vase Rosette makes a lovely gift for loved ones and friends that like to smoke but don't want a classic waterpipe laying about. Whether you want to make a romantic gesture, congratulate a bride-to-be, encourage a new journey, or just say "Thanks", you will be gifting a Rosette that lasts Forever

The Rosette water pipe from My Bud Vase measures up at 7 inches Tall by ~3 inches in diameter. Includes a 9mm small clear bubble bowl with a 2.75" cone. This is no bong; the Rosette is way too classy.

Included in your Rosette My Bud Vase
Rosette Custom Slide- 9 millimeters 2.75" Small Clear Bubble Bowl
Fixed Downstem
Matching Coral Stoneware Flower Poker
My Bud Vase Certificate of Authenticity