My Bud Vase Pink Rose

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Sophisticated waterpipe that doubles as a flower vase
Everything is coming up Roses~ Including this sophisticated water pipe from My Bud Vase.

Summer is in full bloom with the My Bud Vase signature collection piece, Rose. A modern take on vintage Victorian flowers, our elegant Rose blends femininity and functionality for a high-class herbal consumption experience.

This timeless porcelain vase is embellished with a gorgeous two-inch relief flower in pink. A rose symbolizes promise, hope, and new beginnings and this Rose water pipe will do it's best to deliver on that.

The My Bud Vase Rose makes a perfect gift for loved ones and friends that like to smoke but don't want a classic waterpipe laying about. Whether you want to make a romantic gesture, congratulate a bride-to-be, encourage a new journey, or just say "Thanks", you will be gifting a Rose that lasts Forever

The Rose water pipe from My Bud Vase measures up at 8 inches Tall by ~4 inches in diameter. Includes a 9mm Rose Bowl with a 3.5" cone bowl. This is no bong; the Rose is way too classy.