Nag Champa Incense 15g Box

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15 gram Box Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa
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The one and only, Original Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa Incense from India, made with all-natural resins, gums, flowers, and oils. The most trusted name in handmade incense.

15 Sticks per box of the best smelling incense! Burn a stick to freshen up the house or cover up any smoke smells emanating from within.


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    Posted by JonesDaMasta on Dec 17, 2020

    "It's the stereotypical nag champa,i meff wit it"

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    Best incense ever

    Posted by Bkst@rr on May 15, 2020

    been searching high and low for these and finally got them here and at a good price point to include in my regular shopping list here at 1percent'

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    Smells awesome

    Posted by Danielle on Feb 11, 2019

    "I've always loved incense even before I started smoking. Really strong pleasant smell,it fills the room and the smell lasts for a while even after it's done burning. Great product. "

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    Pleasant aroma

    Posted by Stanley on Jun 20, 2018

    Covers up that lingering tobacco smell well.

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    Long lasting

    Posted by Nathaniel on Feb 21, 2018

    Long lasting and great smelling

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    Best incense ever!

    Posted by Lisa on Nov 15, 2015

    "Excellent incense - not always about price. I have tried more expensive ones,and some are okay,but I always return to Nag Champa. "

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    Couldn't be more satisfied

    Posted by Hillary on Nov 04, 2015

    These are the only incense that I like and I can't find them anywhere and when I found them on this website I got so excited. I don't like the smell of other ones and it's a must have in your house.

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    Old School but great

    Posted by Serene on Mar 20, 2015

    My mom use to burn these when I was a kid so they bring back great memories and smell awesome.

  • 4

    Posted by Mathew on Jan 12, 2015

    Classic scents a must have for every garage/basement

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    Old School

    Posted by Sam on Aug 28, 2014

    "I enjoy all sorts of scents,but these are really the old school sticks,like a flashback to your hippie aunt's house"