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NYC Subway Grinder Card

by: 1 Percent

NYC Subway Grinder Card in Sleeve Zoom

NYC Subway Grinder Card

by: 1 Percent
Credit card sized NYC subway grinder

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Everyone who likes to roll up their own herbs or vaporizes needs a grinder. When running around NYC it's not always convenient to carry a full size herb grinder so we designed one that's no bigger than a subway card. Grinding surface goes from medium to fine so you have options whether rolling up, hitting a glass pipe or using a vaporizer.

The 1 Percent NYC Grinder card easily slips into your wallet or pocket. Definite must for anyone that enjoys herbs on the go but doesn't want to draw unnecessary attention. Convenient, stylish and the ultimate stealth way to keep a grinder at hand in the urban environment. Not only are they low profile but dishwasher safe too.

Credit card sized at 3.5 x 2in with a matching grinder sleeve to hold odors in check. Includes a bonus smell proof bag and NYC subway sticker. Designed in NYC for NYC.
1 Percent

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Review by Brandi
  • 3.0
Good product
Ok. Not bad
Review by Adam
  • 3.0
Nice bonus
Sweet bonus thanks!
Review by Mick
  • 5.0
Bring a little NYC to your smoke
If you dig grinder cards, this is a keeper. Looks like a NYC Metroc card.
Review by jon l.
  • 5.0
As a jersey kid, who moved to west coast it was awesome to see this grinder card and get a little nostalgic over going into NYC with friends.. Probably wont use it, but the design is awesome!
Review by Michael
  • 5.0
Comes in very handy
I bought one with another design on it many years ago. It comes in very handy, never wears out ... but be careful, your fellow marijuanians will try and jack
Review by Rich
  • 5.0
the best Grindr I've ever used throw away all those other grinders
Review by Vince
  • 5.0
Pure convenience
Perfect thing to carry with you on the go. A grinder isn’t always around when you need it. This just slips in your pocket or wallet and works great every time
Review by Elizabeth
  • 4.0
Bud tends to stick more but still decent grinder
Review by Damon
  • 5.0
Nice and Lightweight
You can put this in your wallet, pocket, anywhere with a cardholder. Simple to use and always useful when you need a grinder.
Review by D E A T H W I S H
  • 2.0
Annoying to use
it's a cute product but i would rather use one of them circle grinders because you don't get sticky fingers and your product doesn't land all over the place if you're grinding at a weird angle. and it just doesn't grind as well as a regular round grinder imo
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1-10 of 20 Reviews

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