Onies Slim Lock Small Dugout

by Onies
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Slim wood dugout w/locking slide top and one hitter bat
These cool lock-top wood dugouts from Onies feature an exposed small cigarette style bat or "one-hitter" that doubles as the locking mechanism for the slide top. To unlock use your thumb to pull the bat down slightly then slide the lid open. No chance this dugout will be opening in your pocket or purse.

Onies Slim Dugouts, while being smaller and sleek on the outside also manage to offer just as much storage as regular small wood dugouts. The slimness is a result of eliminating the non essential to focus on doing two things well; holding both your cigarette-style bat and herbs safe and secure.

Onies Dugouts are each handcrafted in Missouri and use food grade mineral oils and waxes to condition the wood. The wood is a mix of sustainable American varieties including Cherry, Oak, Walnut and Mahogany.

Approximately 2.75" x 1.75 " x .75" and fits most Small Bats intended for small dugouts. Wood type will vary and all dugouts are unique but feel free to specify dark or light wood on the Special Instructions area of checkout.

Made in the USA