Orange Chronic 710 Pipe Cleaner 4oz

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No Scrub Glass, Quarts, Metal, Silicone + Ceramic pipe cleaner

The Orange Chronic 710 Cleaning Solution is designed to cut through all sorts of gooey residue build up and debris without being abrasive or using harsh chemicals.

This cleaner can be used for all the good materials including glass, quartz, metal, silicone, and even ceramic, you can clean any piece or pipe you may own with the same cleaner! Just not acrylic; but who still has an acrylic bong?

Orange Chronic 710 cleaners are made with 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients making it earth friendly. One of the main natural ingredients comes from oranges leaving a refreshing citrus scent after each clean.

There is no need to scrub, this cleaner is a pour and shake, simply pour it in, cover any openings with your hands or caps, and shake until all the build up is gone. For smaller items like quartz bangers, bowls and/or carb caps just put in a zip lock bag and shake; one item at a time though.

Orange Chronic 710 Specs:
 Cleaning Solution for Glass, Quartz, Metal, Silicone, and Ceramic
 Made from All Natural Ingredients
 No Chemical Scent or Taste left behind
 Biodegradable, Earth Friendly Cleaning Solution
 4 oz Bottle of Orange Chronic 710 Cleaning Solution

Made in the USA


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    Good stuff

    Posted by Christopher G on Mar 11, 2024

    This little wonder is great and works fast