The Original Digger Brass One Hitter Bat

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Solid brass one hitter bat with digger tip

The Original Digger One Hitter in Brass is still a stealthy one hitter bat that makes smoking one to two hits so easy on the go. Perfect for all large Dugouts.

Even if you don't have a dugout (yet) this bat works great as a stealth one hitter all on its own at 3" long. Some people pop one in their 5th jean pocket or carry in a smelly proof bag with their herbs.

Created with the on the go user in mind, The Original Digger One Hitter tip has solid serrated brass teeth do the grinding work for you! Insert into your herbs or tobacco and just push and twist to grind up just the right amount.

The Original Digger One Hitter Features:
Standard/Long (3") size
Digger Tip to grind up herbs one bat full at a time
Designed to prevent heat transfer
Fits all standard large Dugouts
Dimensions: 3" L x .3125" W

Unbreakable solid brass plus cheap enough that you won't feel bad if you lose it. Cleans up easy with a pipe cleaner or q-tip swab dipped in some alcohol; just let it dry before smoking again.

These one hit bats are ideal for when you are trying to quit cigarettes and/or want to reduce your herb intake. Add in the digger tip and you're flying high.