Original Proto Pipe Deluxe Pipe

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Classic brass Proto Pipe that's Made in the USA (when real)
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A new batch of the Original Classic ProtoPipe Deluxe has just arrived! Always shipping right away; while supplies last.

Reclaimed from the original factory in Willits, CA and completed as new. Each classic Proto Pipe comes with a built in brass poker, removable tar trap and storage pod for your herbs. This genuine, solid brass Proto Pipe will easily provide a lifetime of smoking; as long as you don't lose it. A true American classic that's approaching it's 50th Anniversary!

If you already own a genuine, American Made Proto Pipe, hold on tight as supply of the Classic is uncertain. While we were lucky to receive this latest batch, please note it is not a new production and the quantity is limited. Even though we'd been distributing the Proto since the 90's there was a 5+ year period without a single pipe. Since the reboot it can still take many months of work to get each and every original classic; this is not a new "Hybrid", this is the original design. Demand will always exceed supply as true connoisseurs want the original. If you don't have one but want one, you're going to want to buy if you see some available.

If the Proto Pipe is currently Out of Stock, let us know you want to be notified when available again. We'll notify you as soon as a new shipment of pipes arrive from the factory. Supply is extremely limited so to keep it fair, first come, first served. Also, there's a limit of 2 Proto Pipes per order to try and take care of as many Proto Pipe devotees as possible.

Please keep in mind the only two spare parts that are available are the Proto Poker and Proto mouthpiece. No other part is replaceable at this time so don't lose them. Replacement tar traps and storage pods rarely ever fit a used Proto so be wary about buying either if by chance someone is offering them.

1 Percent has never offered the cheap knock offs as a matter of principle. This Classic is the original design from the original designer of the Proto Pipe, though due to the rarity of this original design, we have to just hope that we'll get some more genuine classic Protos from Cali. Can't stress enough; First come, first served and no guarantees there will be more. Discount codes are not valid on the classic Proto Pipe but you can get Free Shipping (US) :-)

The (real) Original Proto Pipe is and always has been Made in the USA


  • 5
    Proto pipe

    Posted by Gremlin on Feb 17, 2023

    Just as good as the one I've use for a decade great quality.

  • 4
    A Classic Worth Buying

    Posted by David on Sep 28, 2021

    Really a good combustion chamber but far more difficult to clean and maintain than the Mendo Pipe. The Mendo isn't available so grab a Proto Pipe pronto!

  • 5
    Long lost friend

    Posted by Amanda on Aug 24, 2020

    I can’t believe I actually have my hands on another one of these!

  • 4
    fakes & ORIGINAL

    Posted by Walter on May 08, 2020

    Bingo! 1% delivered on time with an ORIGINAL PP> Thank You Makes all the difference in the world.

  • 5
    Best pipe and great Company!

    Posted by Cherrybabomb on Apr 28, 2020

    My last bf walked off with my Proto Pipe but 1percent had my replacement. Fast efficient and caring staff who called to verify my address. Thank you.

  • 4
    Proto Pipe

    Posted by CHRISTOPHER on Oct 19, 2019

    "I've bought about 7 or 8 of these 4 years ago and gave out as gifts,this was 4 years ago . Been trying to buy for 3 years and finally a real Proto Pipe . Cost a lot more than it was but I have a new Proto !!"

  • 5
    Rolls Royce of Pipes

    Posted by Harry on Oct 17, 2019

    "I have used a proto for years and it was time for a new pipe for me. There is no alternative and I am pleased with the new one my wife ordered for me. My one issue is that the cleaner falls out easily and that is disappointing because it could fall out & be forever lost. Should it fall out again,you will be hearing from me. "

  • 5

    Posted by Genia on Oct 17, 2019

    Item is exactly as described and shipped quickly!!

  • 5
    A timeless masterpiece!

    Posted by George on Oct 16, 2019

    "If you've never owned a protopipe,or any smokepiece,this is THE one to have! While many present and/or past owners of this durable and convenient complain of how difficult it is to clean the accumulation of tar/resin,with common practice one learns to nip it in the bud. Unless you're prone to losing things,one learns to be methodical on keeping an eye on your poker and tar trap. Made of brass,and well fitted so as to not come apart like some cheap made knockoff. Over the years,these have been at best,to find nearly impossible. Thanks to 1percent for reviving a very fond memory from the past!!"

  • 5
    A work of art

    Posted by Jeff on Aug 29, 2019

    Precision piece of craftsmanship <br>Glad I have the opportunity to own one again