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Original Protopipe Deluxe Pipe

Original Protopipe Deluxe Zoom

Original Protopipe Deluxe Pipe

The classic US made brass pipe from ProtoPipe

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The Original Protopipe Deluxe comes with a built in poker, removable tar trap and storage pod for your tobacco or herbs. This genuine solid brass Protopipe will easily provide a lifetime of smoking; as long as you don't lose it. An American classic that's approaching it's 50th Anniversary!

If you already own a genuine, American Made Protopipe, hold on tight as supply is uncertain. We're receiving shipments sporadically but they sell out very fast as demand far exceeds supply. If you don't have one but want one, you're going to want to click the button above and get on the waiting list.

If the Protopipe is currently Out of Stock, let us know you want to be notified when available again by clicking the button above. Enter your email and we'll notify you as soon as a new shipment of pipes arrive from the factory. Supply is extremely limited so to keep it fair, first come, first served. Also limit to 2 ProtoPipes per order to try and take care of as many ProtoPipe devotees as possible.

Please keep in mind the only 2 parts that are available are the Proto Poker and Proto mouthpiece. No other part is replaceable at this time so don't lose them.

1 Percent has never offered the cheap imported knock offs as a matter of principle. What we did do is source the new Mendo Pipe from the original designer of the ProtoPipe. If you're open to a few design changes (and improvements), we think you'll like it alot. Check it out.

Made in the USA

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Review by Bobb
  • 5.0
Best Toker Out There
I've had pipes since the '60s and I gotta tell you,this is the best out there.Love the stash holder,the bowl is prefect size,the lid works and it is a breeze to clean.
Review by Michael
  • 5.0
My Favorite
Would like the option to replace mine as it was lost/ stolen
Review by Nukedogg
  • 5.0
Everything you need. Durable and portable.
Review by Jesse
  • 5.0
Just a pro tip
If you are having trouble with the bottom heat it up and it will slide out with ease. No need to bend up all those pokers.

As far as the proto goes....great pipe. Only downside I have found is it makes your hands smell like brass after a few days of heavy use however if this is an occasion pipe or a companion for hiking/being outdoors then there is really nothing bad to say at all.

If you burn use a proto pipe.
Review by Steve
  • 5.0
Very fast delivery
Hello old friend. Nice to have you around again.
Review by Jeremy
  • 5.0
Too Good
I was very excited about ordering my Proto Pipe after reading all the reviews. Everything about this piece is amazing! Great size, Great weight, Great taste. Completely portable and functional. I have a habit of breaking everything and this thing is a tank! Bowl size and stash container are more than enough for a romp around town. If you lose any parts there's replacements! Awesome! If your considering buying this little guy, wait no more, buy two and spread some holiday spirit. Overall the protopipe was above my expectations and is just too good!
Review by Phoenix
  • 5.0
Forget the rest, buy THIS pipe!
I love my pipe! You can clean it completely. Travels well. I'm back to buy my husband his own. Highly Recommend!
Review by Jenga
  • 5.0
Hooked on the OPDP!
I NEVER enjoyed smoking out of a pipe until I tried the OPDP. My husband came home from fish camp where his friend had one that they used and said "you HAVE to order this", so I did. And I'm glad I listened to him. Honey, YOU WERE RIGHT! I can't imagine smoking any other way. I'm hooked, and I wasn't even fishing! Great pipe! I'll never use anything else.
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17-24 of 34 Reviews

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