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Wenge Paduak Frankenstein Dugout

Paduak Wenge Frankenstein Dugout with One Hitter Zoom

Wenge Paduak Frankenstein Dugout

Large exotic wood dugout w/one hitter bat from 3rd Grain (USA)

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These super sweet, 2 grain dugouts from 3rd Grain combine colorful Paduak and the darkest Wenge for an amazing contrast brought to life thru American craftsmanship. These dugouts are the same size as your standard large dugout, consisting of a handcrafted wood box with a 3 inch cigarette style one hitter bat. You have your two compartments; one to hold the one hit bat, while the other is for securely storing your herbal material. The twist top lid is held tightly in place when closed while opening with an easy twist when you're ready to smoke a hit (or more). Each dugout is hand cut and finished in America! Minnesota to be specific.

It is hard to believe that this Padauk wood dugout is unstained. Imported from Africa, paduak is a highly durable wood with a vibrant orange hue that darkens to a deep red over time. A high resistance to decay means you'll be puffing away on this dugout for years to come.

The beautiful Wenge is another wood no one believes comes unstained. That’s right, this nearly black dugout wood is 100% natural, never stained—only sanded and polished to perfection.

How to Use a Wood Dugout for Smoking on the Go:
1) Twist open the lid of the dugout, remove the cigarette style one hitter bat
2) Push the bat into the storage compartment and give it a twist. This will fill the end of the bat with enough smoking material for "one hit".
3) Light up the one hitter bat while inhaling slowly. Just like lighting a cigarette.
4) When finished, simply clear the ash, replace the cigarette bat in the box, and close the dugout with a twist of the top.

Dugout smoking systems with one hitters are ideal for when you are trying to quit cigarettes or want to reduce your intake of herbs and/or tobacco. The portability means they work great when looking to smoke outside the house too.

Made in USA
3rd Grain Dugouts

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