Pepperoni Pizza Pipe

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Pizza shaped ceramic hand pipe makes pizza lovers smile

Get "stoned" on pepperoni pizza for real! Not only for NY'ers grabbing a slice on the walk but great for any pizza lover who loves to smoke.

Semi realistic pizza pipe has a kinda 3D-feel. This pipe is made of ceramic and topped with ceramic cheese and slices of pepperoni. Not exactly cup and char but who's really checking out your pizza slice when there's smoke coming from it?

One of the pepperoni slices serves as the bowl, where you can place your herbs and light up. The smoke travels through the slice to the mouthpiece at tip; right where you would be taking that first bite. There's even a carb in the side of the slice so you can easily clear it.

The Pizza pipe comes packaged in a colorful gift box that's perfect for gifting. Obviously this Roast & Toast Pepperoni Pizza Pipe is for adults only.

Pepperoni Pizza Pipe Specs:
Pizza Slice Size 4.5in x 6.5in x 3/4in
Made from Ceramic
Fully functional hand pipe
Gift boxed with colorful illustrations

Yes it's ridiculous but it's also funny.