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Phuncky Feel Tip Classic Clear 8mm

Phuncky Feel Tip Classic Clear 8mm Zoom


Phuncky Feel Tip Classic Clear 8mm

Phunky Feel Glass joint filters for classy rolling

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Phuncky Feel Tips delivers good vibes with these outstanding 8mm glass tips in the popular round mouthpiece design. Exceptional for any enthusiast or RAW smoking aficionado, each Phuncky Feel 8mm Glass Tip provides for a refined smoking experience with the clean feeling that glass provides. The “pinches” built into the tip itself keep the airflow flowing and herbal material from getting in your mouth. No more soggy ends either!

Are Phuncky Feel Tips Difficult to Use?

Phuncky Feel Tips are just as easy, if not easier, to use than paper filter tips.
Place your herbs in your rolling paper
Firmly place your tip at either end of the smoke, making sure that the tip is inside the paper and the mouthpiece is facing out.
Roll up your smoke to your preferred shape and size using the glass crutch as a little turning wheel
Light and smoke

Please note that this glass tip is handblown glass so each and every one will be unique as far as exact placement of the filter and the logo placement. No cookie cutter, Chinese knock offs here, these are hand made in California.

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