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Aluminum Pollen Press

by: Kannastor

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Aluminum Pollen Press

by: Kannastor
14mm press for pollen and herbal mixtures

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Kannastor Aluminum Pollen Press is ideal for making discs of your favorite herbal concoctions and remedies. Just add essences extracted with your screen sifter or Kannastor grinder and press. Also works great with Space Case grinders.

Kif pollen press2.5" long, 0.55" diameter with black anodized aluminum knurled ends and precision aluminum dowels inside to press without sticking to your concoction. Throw in the freezer for a few minutes when ready to extract and your kif pops right off the dowels. Easier to clean than plastic dowels and no warping.

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Review by Webbie
  • 5.0
Pollen press
Makes perfect little pellets out of my Keefe I ground some flowers up and tried making pallets out of that wow it works great
Review by Wade
  • 5.0
Good hardware
Well worth the cash
Review by Norm
  • 4.0
Do not use hand tools on this item
Review by kainnis
  • 5.0
Works well
Better than space case
Review by Darry
  • 5.0
Works great
Just press and heat with blow dryer or dunk in hot water or hit it with a lighter. Turns powder into pliable pollen. Nice but bigger one probably better for mass pressing. Turns out button sized wafers, a little smaller than a dime. Nice has third pin u can remove so u can make a nice size cylinder of extract. Cleans easy and received my order quickly.
Review by Mark
  • 5.0
This worked great for a long time. I lost the inserts for them, but until then it was doing a great job. Recommended.
Review by Seth
  • 4.0
The press works great! Just grind it, sift it, and press it and you've got a nice patty. If you happen to set fire to this patty and inhale the smoke, it will absolutely kick you square in the ass.
Review by Elliot
  • 5.0
Works awesome
Does as it says but in a way that you get all of what you put in back.
Review by Matthew
  • 5.0
Very good
Works great. The fact that its made out of metal means you can freeze it and everything comes off easy with just a knife.
Review by Vincent
  • 5.0
This Press works Great, use a small electric coffee grinder makes plenty of pollen to press
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1-10 of 22 Reviews

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