98mm Cone Joint Tube

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Cone Joint Tubes with Pop Top for 98mm and smaller prerolled cones
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These 98mm Cone Joint Tubes are perfect for holding 0.75 gram or smaller pre-rolls, aka RAW 98mm Special Cones; one of our best selling sizes.

Not only do these 98mm cone joint tubes fit those prerolled RAW cones, they easily fit all the RAW 1 1/4 Cones and the newest Single Size ones as well.

If rolling your own with king size papers (usually starts at 110mm) and you like to twist off the end, they'll fit these tubes as well!

Of course, all smaller rolled joints seal up nice and tight in the holder, ready for the journey ahead.

Almost nothing more satisfying than the sound when popping this pop top. Just squeeze the sides and "pop". This pop top keeps your rolled up smoke protected until you apply just that little bit of force; Keeps your masterpiece secure and the kiddies out.

1-Piece hinged lid on top of a cone shaped tube
Pop-Top keeps your cone fresh & dry
Translucent red with white screenprinted
Measures up at ~3.85 inches tall (98mm)
Food safe; joints go in your mouth
BPA-free, virgin polypropylene.
Recyclable as PP #5

We looked long and hard for an eco option for these Cone Joint holders and it seems it's polypropylene. Polypropylene produces significantly less CO2 equivalents by weight than PET, PS, and PVC. Polypropylene can be 100% recycled for various useful purposes (there's recycled Polypropylene in What Smell's hemp plastic :-)). Glass seemed nice but most break almost instantly, if not before. Also something else to note; Polypropylene is BPA free unlike Polycarbonate.

Just be sure to fill it up with your expertly rolled legal herbs more times than you can count. Recycle it after it has served you well.


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    Cone holder

    Posted by Pa_kushy on Jan 07, 2022

    The best a must have for a cone head lol

  • 5
    Nice little tube

    Posted by David on Nov 10, 2021

    I mostly use the raw tube but I lost it and I remembered 1percent sent me one with my purchases and I started using it ever since great product easy to open and close.