Pure Hemp Unbleached Cones 1 1/4 6pk

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Unbleached Pure Hemp pre-rolled 1 1/4 cones

One of our long time favorite rolling papers, Pure Hemp has finally released their spiral pre-rolled cones in a 6 pack! These new cones are made from Pure Hemp paper that's 100% natural, unbleached and chlorine-free. Measuring 83mm with a 26mm built-in filter, each 1 1/4 sized cone can hold +/- 0.75g of smoking herbs.

The Pure Hemp cones also innovate with a unique, patented spiral Torcedor wrap (think Cuban cigar) that allows them to use less gum and less paper for a cleaner, better taste. Each pack contains 6 hemp cones for your perfect pre-rolls.

- 100% all natural, unbleached, and chlorine-free hemp rolling paper
- 1 1/4 size cones measure 83mm long with a 26mm built-in filter tip
- Unique patented spiral "Torcedor" wrap reduces gumline and improves taste
- A 1 1/4 cone holds about 0.75g of herbs
- No plastic straws in the 6 Cones

These are great new cones on their own but you could also consider them as an alternative to the RAW 1 1/4 Hemp Cones. You can't go wrong with Pure Hemp.

Paper Size:
1 1/4
Paper Style:
Length (mm):