Pure Hemp Unbleached Cones KS 3pk

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Unbleached Pure Hemp pre-rolled king size cones

One of our long time favorite rolling papers, Pure Hemp has finally released their King Size spiral pre-rolled cones in a 3 pack! These new cones are made from Pure Hemp paper that's 100% natural, unbleached and chlorine-free. Measuring 110mm with a 26mm built-in filter, each king sized cone can hold +/- 1.15g of smoking herbs.

The Pure Hemp cones also innovate with a unique, patented spiral Torcedor wrap (think Cuban cigar) that allows them to use less gum and less paper for a cleaner, better taste. Each pack contains 3 hemp cones for your perfect king sized pre-rolls.

- 100% all natural, unbleached, and chlorine-free hemp rolling paper
- King Size cones measure 110mm long with a 26mm built-in filter tip
- Unique patented spiral "Torcedor" wrap reduces gumline and improves taste
- A King Size cone holds about 1.15g of herbs
- No plastic straws in the 3 pack of hemp cones

These are great new cones on their own but you could also consider them as an alternative to the RAW King Size Hemp Cones. You can't go wrong with Pure Hemp.

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    Posted by Anthony on Mar 24, 2024

    These cones burn nice