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Quintessential Hemp Tips Box 50

Quintessential Hemp rolling tips box of 50 packs Zoom

Quintessential Hemp Tips Box 50

50 packs of hemp coated filter tips

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Easily the best rolling tips for your roll ups!

Full box of 50 booklets of 50 Hemp filter tips in each easy tear pack. Organic hemp oil coated and chlorine free paper. Roll 'em up and put these smoking tips in the end of your smokes, Euro-style.

Put a stop to tearing the tops of cigarette boxes or using plastic coated paper which not only affects the taste, it isn't too good for you either. Quintessential smoking tips are easily the favorite rolling tips at 1 Percent which is why we import them direct from the UK.

Made in Cornwall, England these organic hemp coated tips are made from FSC paper stock, to which Quintessential applies a unique process, coating the paper with Organic food-grade hemp oil. This creates an ethical, great tasting natural smoking tip. Fully biodegradable with no lasting impact.

Super Easy to Use
Chlorine & Bleach Free
Coated with organic food-grade Hemp Oil
FSC paper base
Hand finished
Biodegradable & recyclable
Fair Trade smoking accessories
Sustainable Product

Booklets contains 50 tips
Each Box contains 50 booklets
Organic Hemp Coated Tips dimensions: 5 x 2 x 1 cm

Made in England with pride and care

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9 Reviews

Review by 420blaze
  • 5.0
Awesome product! Great Service
Every hit you take with one of these filters is so much better then a cardboard filter! It makes the taste of any herbs 10x better.
Review by Andrew
  • 4.0
Really solid firm filters, no added taste, nice
Review by Vincent
  • 5.0
Fantastic Filers
great product been using this for years make your drawing easier
Review by Patrick
  • 5.0
Handy and just right
I buy by the box, have been using for years, and have always been satisfied. Great product to improve the rolling and smoking experience.
Review by Mark
  • 5.0
Great Tips!
I have used these for years and years. They are the only tips I use. I have tried the elements ones and do not like them at all! Get these, you won't regret it!!!
Review by Andrew
  • 5.0
Perfect filters
Great product. I will buy these filters for the rest of my life. Not only do they not have any harmful chemicals, but they are made of hemp so you know it's all natural.
Review by Paul
  • 5.0
More tips than you'll ever need
If your buying a box of these, you already know how awesome these tips are.
Review by Lori
  • 5.0
Best filters/tips i've found
There was a time when I thought I would save money and cut up postcards and stuff to make cardboard filters, but these tips are worth the expense, plus I'm not sucking down a bunch of chemicals from the printing ink. I've tried lots of tips and these are by far the best.
Review by Jo
  • 5.0
Get the best!
The best crutch on the market! No more clogged or gooey ends...Just smooth smoking, baby!

9 Reviews

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