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Quintessential Skinnies Filter Tips Box/80

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Quintessential Skinnies Filter Tips Box/80

Box of 80 packs of skinny hemp coated filter tips

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Easily the best rolling tips on the market and now in a half height Skinnies version!

Box of 80 packs of 45 Half-Height Skinnies Hemp Filter Tips. 45 Hemp filter tips in an easy tear pack. Organic hemp oil coated and chlorine free paper. Roll 'em up and put these Skinnies in the end of your smokes, Euro-style.

Use these to put a stop to tearing the tops of cigarette boxes or using plastic coated paper which not only affects the taste but isn't too good for you either. Quintessential Filter Tips are the preferred rolling tips at 1 Percent.

Made in the UK

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