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Randy's Snaps Alcohol Filled Cleaning Swabs

Randy's Snaps Alcohol Filled Cleaning Swabs Zoom

Randy's Snaps Alcohol Filled Cleaning Swabs

Quick glass and quartz cleanup made easy with built in iso in a q-tip

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Randy's Snaps are alcohol-filled cotton swabs that are perfect for cleaning hard those hard to reach places. Each Snap is filled with isopropyl alcohol and running between a 2 headed cotton swabs that can be used for scrubbing.

A quick “snap” of the cotton swab with the blue line and the alcohol is released from the shaft down into the bottom swab. Once activated, simply wipe any surface down that you wish to clean and then dispose of that swarmy little swab.

Each pack of Randy’s Snaps includes 24 alcohol filled cotton swabs (aka q-tips) in a hard shell pack.
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