RAW Bamboo Rolling Mats Box/24

by RAW
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Easy way to roll up any size joint from RAW in a box of 24 mats
Pick up a wholesale box of old school RAW Bamboo Rolling Mats, the light and easy way to roll RAW Rolling Papers on the go. 24 RAW Bamboo Rolling Mats standing upright in a break open counter box.

Roll from single wide up to king size (110mm) with full control. Roll long or short, fat or thin. Newly updated design with round bamboo segments for easier rolling.

Each Rolling Mat is made with natural bamboo (4.75 x 3.35in flat) just like you'd expect from RAW Natural Rolling Papers. Box of 24.

1 Percent has sold genuine RAW papers and accessories since they first started way back in 2005. No worries about getting a fake here! We buy direct ;-)
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