RAW Black Cones 1 1/4 20 Pack

by RAW
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20 Prerolled 1 1/4 Sized Black cones from RAW Rolling Papers

Pick up this new 20 pack of real RAW Black 1 1/4 Size Cones! These RAW Black Cones are pre-rolled with the ultra thin, high porosity rolling paper you know and love from RAW Rolling Papers. 83mm long from tip to top with a 26mm filter tip already inserted at the business end of the 1 1/4 Sized Black cone.

It's great that the RAW Black 1 1/4 Size prerolled cones are finally available in a 20 pack! Clearly there are a few customers out there where the 900 Cone Bulk Boxes of Black King Size may have been a bit much :-) While we have a 75 pack now, maybe you want to try out a smaller quantity 1st.

The RAW Black rolling paper used in these super limited RAW Black Cones is double pressed extra-fine for one of the thinnest, unbleached rolling papers ever. This unique artisan paper is produced in Alcoy, Spain, when dry Valencian winds make humidity optimally low.

The result is an exceedingly thin king size cone paper that burns extra slow and extra clean. RAW Black Cones use the same proprietary crisscross run-preventing watermark as RAW Natural Cones of course. Not actually Black in color, btw. That's how RAW defines these as the thinnest RAW paper ever made.

The ultra thinness of these RAW Black Cones is unbeatable and there's no worry about having to expertly roll them up; RAW took care of it for you.

Each RAW Black 1 1/4 Size cone measures up at 83mm long with a 26mm tip. Each fits ~ .75 gram of ground material. Unlike those manhandled Amazon ones, these cones are for real real & hygenically packaged in a beautiful RAW Black box that's made by RAW.

While Supplies Last, 1st come, 1st served, yada, yada, yada. Everyone wants the real deal RAW Black Cones and RAW is making them just as fast as they can. Needless to say, RAW Black cones are guaranteed RAWthentic when purchased at 1 Percent; Professionally packed at the clean RAW factory rather than by some random Amazon dude who manhandles cones all day, jamming them into cheap, non-RAW tubes peppered with dirty wood sticks... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Paper Size:
1 1/4
Paper Style:
RAW Paper Family:
RAW Black
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