RAW Black Cones Bundle

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Gift the thinnest RAW Papers in a Cone
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 Dropping for the Holidaze is the RAW Black Cones bundles available in either King Size or 1 1/4! Take the thinnest RAW rolling papers, preroll them into easy to fill cones and throw in all the accessories needed for a happy holidaze; a special RAW Gift set for RAW Cones lovers who want to move on up to RAW Black Cones!

Everything one needs to get started rolling or just step up their game. Just pick the cone size you prefer:

1x RAW Black Cones KS 20 Pack - $7.89 (or 1 1/4 Cones)
1x RAW Black Small Rolling Tray - $9.99
1x RAW KS Cone Loader - $7.99 (or 1 1/4 cone loader)
1x RAW Three Tree Cones Case - $2.99
1x RAW Black Bic Lighter - $2.69

Gift a great gift/starter pack of the thinnest RAW Black Cones with 1 click!

*Some assembly required... :-) RAW Black Trays are Limited So Order Soon. Limit 2 per Customer

100% RAWthentic rolling papers and accessories direct from RAW with scannable verification on most. We've sold only genuine RAW since their beginning in 2005! Friends don't let friends smoke cheap knock offs; Especially not during the Holidaze!

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