RAW Black King Size WIDE Rolling Papers

by RAW
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Super thin but Extra Wide Artisan Rolling Papers from RAW

The new RAW Black King Size Wide rolling papers redefine perfection in a wider size for your bigger rolls. RAW Black is double pressed extra-fine for the thinnest, unbleached rolling paper ever. This unique artisan paper is produced in Alcoy, Spain, when dry Valencian winds make humidity optimally low.

The result is an exceedingly thin king size rolling paper that burns extra slow and extra clean. RAW Black papers use the same proprietary crisscross run-preventing watermark as RAW Natural of course.

Please Note: The ultra thinness of these RAW Black papers may require a true Rolling Master. If you have the skills (or a rolling machine) you deserve the best Black RAW rolling papers; made for the 21st century! Then again, if you're rolling up a RAW Wide paper, you got this by now.

1 Percent was the first online shop to carry RAW Rolling Papers from day 1 in 2005 and now they're our #1 rolling paper. The best selling rolling paper in NYC, across the USA and Worldwide. With our long history there's no way you're getting a fake pack here. Every RAW paper we sell, including this new RAW Black King Size Wide, is and always has been 100% genuine and RAWthentic!

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