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RAW Camo Magnetic Tray Cover Large

by: RAW

RAW Camo Magnetic Tray Cover Zoom


RAW Camo Magnetic Tray Cover Large

by: RAW
Cover your large metal RAW rolling trays with a jungle camo

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RAW Rolling Papers goes full jungle camouflage once again on the RAW Camo Magnetic Tray Cover; get one before it disappears just like the Camo Rolling Trays did.

The RAW Camo Magnetic Tray Cover is the perfect addition to any large metal RAW Rolling Tray; brought to you by RAW Rolling Papers of course. Roll up your RAW Black Organic and hide the papers and product out between rounds with this magnetic bit of RAW camouflage.

This new Camo magnetic cover fits all the classic large metal rolling trays to secure your gear between rolls. Coming in at 11 x 13.5 inches; same size as the tray, it seals edge to edge and can even survive a spill without coming off. Soft magnetic mat.

When you pick this hard to see tray cover up at 1 Percent you can rest assured it's 100% RAWthentic, direct from RAW. Who else would innovate a magnetic cover for your RAW rolling tray only to follow it up with a jungle camo edition? :-)

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