RAW Cone Cutter

by RAW
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Cone cutting is perfect for refreshing leftover joints
Introducing the RAW Cone Cutter. So perfect for leftover joints that Josh calls this handy little cone cutting device the "Left-Over Sprucer-Upper".

What the RAW Cone Cutter allows you to do is cut off your ash for a fresh relight every time. The RAW Cone Cutter has sharpened 80 degree blades designed specifically for snipping your RAW smoke. This way you can easily trim off the end to make re-lighting taste better!

Cutting back around 4mm from the ash point is usually best. It’s also great as an extinguisher, just cut off the burning end and put the remainder in your case!

Don’t miss the built-in poker; you can always use a spare poker. This one is flush mounted in the Cone Cutter so it won’t disappear during transport.

The RAW Cone Cutter is based on the classic cigar cutter but here RAW has modified the blades and structure to be Perfect for slicing through Rolling Papers!

Whenever you want to save a partial joint cone for later, all you have to do is just trim off the ash part. When you re-light your smoke it will taste so much better and you’ll immediately understand why RAW created this device for joint smokers everywhere!

1 Percent has sold only genuine RAW papers and accessories since they first started way back in 2005. No worries about getting a fake here! We buy direct :-)


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    Posted by Monte on Nov 20, 2021

    I really like this product. I didn't think that I needed this but I actually did. I'm glad that I purchased this.

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    Raw Cone cutter

    Posted by Burnslowclothing on Nov 18, 2021

    The raw cone cutter is great for parties & to have hanging for my keychain, it also cuts my joints with fine cut to save later on.

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    It’s alright

    Posted by serenity on Sep 27, 2021

    It’s made from plastic and feels kind of flimsy in your hand. Still like it and it looks cool

  • 4

    Posted by Michael on Jun 17, 2021

    It’s a very useful tool and helps with coming back for a fresh hit. It seems like the blades aren’t super sharp but it’ll definitely cut out the ash but sometimes bugs out when you try to cut threw material. Overall still a good cutter and does the job.

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    Posted by Mike Lova on Jun 15, 2021

    Where have you been my whole life lol. Only thing I could say could be better is if it was made a little more rugged besides that it’s the best!!

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    Posted by Jamel on Jun 08, 2021

    Cuts pretty decent works supremely with the raw snuffer

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    Posted by MadMax on May 18, 2021

    This is another great product put out by raw! It’s nice to be able to trim off the burnt ash from my cones. I rarely smoke a whole one in a sitting anymore. The fact that I can now trim that off with this awesome cutter makes the flavor so much better!!