RAW Crumb Catcher

by RAW
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Crumb Catcher for large RAW rolling trays

The RAW Crumb Catcher quickly and easily allows you to funnel any leftover ground herbal material straight from a large RAW rolling tray into your bag or storage container!

The RAW Crumb Catcher is ideal for when you’re prepping for a big roll batch by batch or maybe you just want to clear the tray and pass out. Pop it on the edge of your large tray then tilt and scoop all the herbs back into their container.

The RAW Crumb Catcher is a RAWthentic quick bagger innovation that works with all the large metal RAW trays. Each box includes both the Crumb Catcher and a RAW Sweep Card with rounded edge.

Pick up this 100% RAWthentic and Unique rolling tray cleanup accessory from RAW via 1 Percent. Like all the RAW we carry, this is the real deal!


* Large RAW Rolling Tray sold separately