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RAW Dank Locker Carry All

by: RAW

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RAW Dank Locker Carry All

by: RAW
Locking smell-proof bag from RAW Rolling Papers

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The RAW Dank Locker Carry All is perfect for smokers on the go who bring the good but don’t want to smell like the good!

The RAW Dank Locker features an integrated combination lock, double siliconized smell-reducing zippers, hard-sided cross-elastic accessory panels (for holding your papers, tips, lighters, etc.),

The 5+1 smell-proof design of the The RAW Dank Locker includes a full foil ¼ oz sized terp locking bag, quick access outer zipper pouch, easy carry handle, and "RAWesome styling"!

The RAW Dank Locker Carry All measures up at 3.25in x 9.5in x 5.5in

RAW Dank Locker Lock Instructions
Your RAW bag’s default combination is “0-0-0”, to choose your own combination follow these steps:

How to Set the RAW Dank Locker Lock:
Set the dials to “0-0-0”
Press the “reset” button (A) with a pencil tip or a very small screwdriver. You will hear a “click” when pressed.
Rotate the dials to your desired 3 digit combination. (don't pick 4-2-0 if security a concern :-))
Push the “release” button (B) in to set the combination. You’ll hear a “click” confirming the combination is set.

* Super Limited Supplies. To keep it fair there's a limit of 2 Dank Locker Bags Per Customer.

1 Percent has sold genuine RAW Rolling Papers and accessories since they first launched way back in 2005. No worries about getting a fake RAW Dank Locker here! We 100% guarantee it is RAWthentic since we buy RAW gear direct from Josh ;-)

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