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RAW Flat Pack

by: RAW

RAW Flat Pack Zoom


RAW Flat Pack

by: RAW
Waterproof, Smell proof herb pouch from RAW

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RAW wants to make it easy to stash & transport your herbs with the new RAW Flat Pack!

The RAW Flat Pack is a discrete, smell-proof, water-proof black herb pouch with a flexible roll enclosure that folds over flat.

Similar to those bomb proof messenger bags so see about town (in NYC), the waterproof-ness and smell proof-ness of this RAW Flat Pack only depends on how well you fold over the opening. Luckily it's pretty easy to do with secure velcro and additional fabric elastic. Just push out any extra air before sealing up.

The RAW Flat Pack is RAWdaciously non-descript. There could be tobacco in there or cash or casino chips or just a sandwich. If anyone even notices your RAW Flat Pack they won't think twice about it. Works great inside other RAW bags and bakepacks if even more herb storage is required.

The RAW Flat Pack measures up at 6.3” x 3.5” x 1.1”when closed. Please note that there is a limit to what this small pouch can accomplish. Definitely not dog proof.

1 Percent has sold genuine RAW Rolling Papers and accessories since they first launched way back in 2005. No worries about getting a fake here! We buy direct from Josh ;-)

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