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RAW Glass Rolling Tray Frosted Ice

by: RAW

RAW Glass Rolling Tray Zoom

RAW Glass Rolling Tray Frosted Ice

by: RAW
Limited edition frosted glass rolling tray from RAW Rolling Papers

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Get yourself a Limited Edition Frosted Ice RAW Glass Rolling Tray while you can! Each glass tray comes packaged in a great "gift box" no less.

The latest rolling tray brought to you by RAW Rolling Papers. Large pyrex glass rolling tray with curved edges to hold all your herbs and papers securely while you roll up some RAW cones. Sandblasted clear RAW logo on the center of the tray.

Nice and large 11 x 13 inch surface to work with that sits perfectly in your lap and has just the right amount of weight to it. Thick tempered glass means this will take a licking while you'll keep on rolling up the RAW's (or any rolling paper brand).

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