RAW Gum Strips 3ft Roll

by RAW
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3ft roll of pure acacia RAW gum strips
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Tired of sacrificing perfectly good sheets of RAW Rolling Papers just to get the gum strips? You don’t need to waste papers anymore for that tiny strip of gum with the new RAW Classic Gum Strips!

This RAW Classic Gum Strips is 3 feet of the beautiful RAW Classic paper completely covered with natural Acacia gum and rolled up in a handy dispenser box. Just tear off any little or large pieces of gum whenever you need to do repairs or create your next smokable masterpiece.

Each roll can repair 5,000 holes (give or take…) It’s also the perfect tool for creating custom rolls; from the infamous Cross joint to peace sign joints and everything in between. With this roll of Gum Strip you can elevate your rolling game.

3ft roll of nothing but natural Acacia gum strips over RAW Classic rolling paper.

Naturally Unrefined
No additives
Made from plants
3 feet of pure Acacia gummed paper

As with all RAW Papers and Rolling Accessories carried by 1 Percent, this is real deal RAWthentic. No fake RAW tips here. We were the first to sell RAW online, since the very first pack of RAW Natural arrived from Spain in 2005!

There is a limited supply of all that is RAW at the moment. If you want to try the new RAW Gum Strips and you see them in stock, buy them.


  • 5
    Another reason why RAW rules!

    Posted by William T on Nov 17, 2022

    PERFECT for joint repair and crafting crazy joints! If you use RAW paper rolls, you can get super creative and make your masterpiece!

  • 5

    Posted by Stoner E on Aug 28, 2022

    No more wasting gum strips from papers! This is an essential to create those custom joints.

  • 5
    Very handy!

    Posted by Skribbles on Sep 22, 2021

    "I keep a roll of this within reach at all the rolling stations,many uses for this versatile product. Might be cool to get the roll divided into three so it’s pre cut into strips"

  • 5
    A must have for anyone who rolls a lot

    Posted by Chris on Sep 06, 2021

    "I love these gum strip rolls,they come in clutch when you have a tear or have a hemp wrap that just won't stick. Really if you roll,you NEED these."

  • 5
    Item as described

    Posted by Rikki on Aug 04, 2021

    Simple yet so effective! One of Josh’s best inventions yet. A true necessity for avid smokers who use papers!