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RAW Hands Free Smoker

by: RAW

RAW Hands Free Smoker joint holder from RAW Rolling Papers Zoom

RAW Hands Free Smoker

by: RAW
Hands Free Joint holder from RAW Rolling Papers

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The RAW Hands Free Smoker is the latest RAWthentic invention from RAW Rolling Papers! You can now smoke your favorite RAW Cones hands-free! Set this up over your shoulders and puff away while gaming, whittling, cooking or just about any task that needs two hands on deck!

The RAW Hands Free Smoker makes it easy to bend into whatever shapes is needed to support your joint(s) where your mouth can reach.

While the RAW Hands Free Smoker includes one of the new RAW Catcher V2's, it is securely attached and not detachable. Made of heat-resistant nylon, the attached RAW catcher fits snugly under your cone, avoiding those pesky burns and ash messes.

RAW Hands Free Smokers work with for just about any rolled up RAWs, as long as they have a rigid crutch/filter; whether rolling your own or going with pre-rolled cones. Another RAW Innovation from the one and only RAW Rolling Papers!

* RAWesome accessory for next level hands free action from RAW!
* Smoke cones with the ash catcher conveniently placed underneath and catch your ash as it falls!
* Heat resistant nylon collects any ash and keeps it from burning you and/or making a mess.

1 Percent has sold genuine RAW papers and accessories since they first launched way back in 2005. No worries about getting a fake here! We buy direct from Josh ;-)

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4 Reviews

Review by Sub
  • 5.0
This just made our laziness even lazier!
Review by Jonathan
  • 5.0
Finally able to get my hands on this hands-free smoker (thanks 1percent) the ability to smoke hands free is the best. whether im zoned into a game or just being lazy one the couch this thing comes in handy. In complete love.
Review by C Hull
  • 5.0
Love it
I’m a gamer and this is WAAAYYYYY better than the clips you can get for the controllers. Also, this works great for me for the oculus as well without smoke getting up into the headset. Already looking forward to grabbing something else! RAWKANDROLL
Review by Evan
  • 5.0
Elevate two-handed tasks
Took it for a test run washing some dishes and it worked great.

4 Reviews

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