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RAW Hemp Pipe Cleaners Bristle Bundle

by: RAW

RAW Hemp Pipe Cleaners Bristle Bundle Zoom


RAW Hemp Pipe Cleaners Bristle Bundle

by: RAW
Bundle of 24 hemp pipe cleaners to get out the gunk and keep that pipe clean
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These new Bristle RAW Hemp Pipe Cleaners are made from a naturally strong and absorbent hemp that's wrapped around a flexible banded iron core.

These RAW Pipe Cleaners are the natural way to clean your pipe or rig! RAW innovates once again by moving to hemp versus polluting cotton!

Bristle covered Hemp Pipe Cleaners from RAW really get into the dark and dirty places and get the gunk out. Bends and snakes around corners to get to the areas that pipe tools can't always reach with some bristled wire edges for digging deep and breaking up the resin.

Oh yeah, you're Guaranteed real RAW when purchased at 1 Percent! After 26+ years online, we don't even have to photoshop a fake seal :-D

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