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RAW Hemp Wick 20ft

by: RAW

RAW Natural Hemp Wick from RAW Rolling Papers Zoom

RAW Hemp Wick 20ft

by: RAW
20 feet of Eco hemp wick coated in beeswax for a healthier lighter

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RAW Hemp Wick is a natural alternative to lighters and matches brought to you by the same guys who produce RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers. It's the cleaner way to light your joint, smoke and/or bowl.
Using only the highest quality hemp and beeswax sourced in Europe, this wick creates a natural, clean burning flame. RAW Hemp Wick is locally sourced (Europe) with the environment in mind. Now available in a 20 foot length.

There are only 2 ingredients in RAW Hemp Wick:
1. European sourced Hemp (naturally grown w/o pesticides or chemical fertilizers)
2. Beeswax from a single source who's a true believer in holistic natural beekeeping.

What is Hemp Wick used for:
Hemp wick is a great natural alternative to traditional butane lighters. Avid smokers find it's the best to light pipes and even hand rolled smokes. Any smoking activity that may require a constant flame to start the process or to complete the pull. Hemp wicks (like this one from RAW) are made from hemp fibers and coated with beeswax. Easily ignite your wick with a lighter or a candle as needed.

How to use RAW Hemp Wick:
Light end of wick
Tilt to control the flame height
Extinguish flame completely when done

The flame size can be adjusted by tilting the wick. Use a flame source for igniting the hempwick then enjoy a pleasant aroma while you enjoy a healthy light. Common sense; Ensure flame is completely extinguished after each use and never leave unattended.

Unbleached Hemp Fiber Coated in Beeswax
Locally Sourced, Eco-Friendly
Wind-Powered Production
RAW Hemp Wick boxes and cards are printed on recycled and/or hemp paper.

This RAW hemp wick is handmade in Europe by employees that receive a fair wage (living wage that’s 2x higher than standard). Our model is very simple; everything eco and locally sourced.

Caution Flammable:
Ensure flame is completely out after each use.
Beeswax may drip when lit.
Do not leave unattended
Keep away from children

As always, you get only real RAW accessories at 1 Percent. If you want the fake stuff you'll find that crap on Amazon.

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Review by Will
  • 5.0
Great product always fresh would recommend
Review by Sinny
  • 5.0
Good wick
Good size. I carry this and my lighter when I travel.
Review by Hydroblaze
  • 5.0
Really cool alternative
Great alternative to matches and butane for a cleaner smoke, the 20ft roll is convenient to keep in a pocket and thank you once again 1 percent for the lightning quick delivery!
Review by Curtis
  • 5.0
The raw hemp wick is always fresh.
Review by Emma
  • 5.0
Perfect for lighting anything. Feels healthier to inhale as opposed to directly using a lighter and leaves a nice waxy scent in the air. V good for all those wellness stoners out there.
Review by Mark
  • 5.0
Great low temp burn
Perfect for lighting a bowl or pinch. Keeps the temp low and lets you direct the flame without roasting your thumb.
Review by marciano
  • 5.0
Burns slow taste good!
Review by Jonathan
  • 5.0
Hemp whick great for bong rips
Got tired of being sold fake raw supply and this website changed my whole life around giving me nothing but amazing legit products.
Review by Choke
  • 5.0
RAW Hemp Wick
After finding out that the RAW products on Amazon could be fake I decided to go with who RAW referred
Review by jon l
  • 5.0
Can’t live without it
If you want to not taste gas when you light up, this is the way to go!
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1-10 of 15 Reviews

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