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RAW Knit Hat Black/Brown Pompom

by: RAW

RAW Knitted Hat in Black and Brown Pompom Zoom

RAW Knit Hat Black/Brown Pompom

by: RAW
Knitted winter hat from RAW Rolling Papers

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RAW wants to keep you warm and toasty with this limited edition RAW Knitted Hat; complete with PomPom.

Comfy Black and Brown striped knit hat with the iconic red RAW Rolling Papers logo embroidered across the front.

Whether you call it a PomPon Or PomPom there's a big fluffy ball on top of this RAW knitted hat. Functional year round.

1 Percent has sold only genuine RAW papers and accessories since they first launched way back in 2005. No worries about getting a fake here! We buy direct from Josh ;-)

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