RAW Lean Cones 800 Bulk Pack

by RAW
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Bulk box of RAW LEAN pre-rolled cone rolling papers
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Pick up Genuine RAW Lean Cones in this 800 cones bulk pack while supplies last. These RAW Cones are of course pre-rolled for you with the natural rolling paper that you love from RAW Rolling Papers.

As long yet slimmer than your standard RAW King Size Cones. Each pre-rolled cone measure in at 110mm (like a king size paper) but with a generous 40mm long filter tip to keep it smooth and classy. Great for personal use and couples.

These fancy new pre-rolled cones are slim, stylish and, dare we say, lean. Economically packaged 800 cones per in a flip open case.

This Bulk box of 800 individual RAW natural Lean prerolled cones is great for dispensaries, prolific smokers and/or super distanced parties. Great value for a lot of genuine natural RAW Cone Rolling Papers, perfectly pre-rolled for easy filling and twisting. Quality is pretty important when you have to fill 800 joint cones.

FYI: Supplies of RAW Cones are Extremely Limited due to the ongoing pandemic interrupting production, shipping, and customs. While Supplies Last, 1st come, 1st served, yada yada. Everyone wants the real deal RAWThentic Cones and RAW is making them just as fast as they can and we sell them as soon as they come off the truck. In this time of scarcity, please watch out for the fake cones :-(

Also, if you snag some of these, please share :-)
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