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RAW Cone Loader

by: RAW

RAW Loader for filling RAW cones Zoom


RAW Cone Loader

by: RAW
Easier packing of pre-rolled RAW Cones

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Tired of endlessly packing cones? RAW steps it up to make your cone stuffing life easier with the new RAW Loader! With this tool you'll be able to fill your cones up to 10 times faster.

Just fill the funnel, stick the cone on the end and slide the contents in, then use the packer to pack it in the cone. Do your prep work on a RAW rolling tray and use the loader like a dustpan to clean up.

This cone loader is sized for 98 Special & King Size cones.

While supplies last on this one. 1 Percent has sold only genuine RAW papers and accessories since they started way back in 2005.

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Review by Juan
  • 5.0
Very helpful
Really comes in handy when rolling up several joints at once.
Review by Matt
  • 5.0
amazing 5/5
so simple yet amazing
Review by Loso727
  • 5.0
Best for packing cones
Take your time. I do 1 scoop pack then etc. don’t rush the process. Love 1 percent because all their products are authentic and not knock offs like the ones on amazon. My go to site for raw products.
Review by Bwright
  • 5.0
Awesome and simple
This loader just makes my life easy. That simple lol
Review by GreyLamp2077
  • 5.0
Amazing Product!
The RAW Cone Loader is an amazingly helpful product. I went from taking 5 minutes to hand-fill cones, spilling product everywhere, to being able to quickly and cleanly fill a cone to perfection. This product especially helps during parties and events when you need to constantly pump out product!
Review by Dizzle
  • 5.0
Ten second challenge
I can stuff an 98 special in 10 seconds with the loader
Review by Anthony
  • 5.0
Works great!
Awesome tools, saves time!
Review by John Y.
  • 5.0
Another great design
Seems so simple and that you think you don't need it, and you don't. BUT, it makes loading a cone FAST, SIMPLE, PERFECT. I actually use mine a lot for loading my dry vaporizer and packing it. So glad I made that tiny investment!
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1-8 of 14 Reviews

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