RAW Magnetic Stash Jar

by RAW
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Cool herb puck from RAW that sticks to metal trays
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Pick up one of these new RAW Magnetic Stash Jars. The RAW Magnetic Stash Jar is made from plant-based material and has a magnetic bottom for easy attachment to a favorite metal rolling tray; especially metal RAW Rolling Trays!

Every stash jar includes a removable silicone insert that provides a non stick surface and easy cleanup.

These low-profile stash jars from RAW are perfect in the pocket for the on-the-go toker. A compact little puck of joy if you will.

Each RAW Magnetic Stash Jar Measures ~3" in diameter and 1" deep. Threaded cap and magnet on bottom

1 Percent has sold only genuine RAW Rolling Papers and accessories since they first launched way back in 2005. No worries about getting a fake here! We buy direct from Josh and don't have to pay the Jeff Bezo's tax :-)


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    Plant based stash storage

    Posted by Michael on Jul 20, 2020

    "The RAW Magnetic Stash Jar is made from plant-based material and has a magnetic bottom for easy attachment to a metal rolling tray. It has a nice color coordinated silicone insert that is able to be taken out. It is a very good size and has a screw down lid that seems to be nice and tight. Time will tell,but I hope it will seal tight enough to keep the smell down to a minimum. I am very pleased ! "

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    Perfect for daily use

    Posted by Tyrone on Jul 10, 2020

    "Not only does it hide the smell,it also goes perfect with the metallic large tray. Highly recommended "

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    Great product!

    Posted by Ryan on May 22, 2020

    The Raw magnetic stash was exactly what I was looking for and met my expectations. Perfect size and the silicone insert is very handy.

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    Perfect size for your daily grind.

    Posted by Kristen on Apr 01, 2020

    "I prefer to keep my large stash jar sealed as much as possible. This little container is perfect for tipping my grinder into. It holds the perfect amount for my ordinary personal daily use. <br><br>The product description says it's sized to fit the raw metal rolling tray,I did not find this to be the case. <br><br>The magnet on the underside is strong enough to allow for one handed open and close.<br><br>Recommended to fill out your RAW lineup."

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    RAW Magnetic stash jar

    Posted by Duke on Mar 25, 2020