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RAW Natural Slim Cellulose Filters Box/30

by: RAW

RAW Natural Slim Cellulose Filters Zoom

RAW Natural Slim Cellulose Filters Box/30

by: RAW
30 packs of 200 unrefined cellulose slim cigarette filters

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RAW Rolling Papers pairs their natural rolling papers with an eco friendly filter tip. Made from pure cellulose fibers, these natural filter tips are not only unbleached but 100% biodegradable. 200 filter tips in each resealable bag. 30 bags in each counter top box.

Unbleached Filter Tips
100% Biodegradable
Pure Cellulose Fibers
6mm diameter by 15mm length
200 Filters Per Resealable Bag
30 bags per box

Roll your own cigarettes, choose nothing but the best for (RAW) papers, filler and filters and still save money over commercial packs.


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