RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Paper On A Roll

by RAW
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5 Meters of RAW Hemp Rolling Paper
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5 Meters of RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers on a roll so just tear off what you need and choose the length that works best for you. While the length of the paper is up to you the paper width is the equivalent of a King Size Slim.

RAW Organic Hemp Rolling Papers are a pure, less processed hemp rolling paper. With unbleached (not chemically whitened) hemp fibers, the paper is a natural light tan color. Each rolling paper is watermarked with a special CrissCross imprint that helps prevent runs and maintains the smooth even-burning characteristics.


Real and RAWthentic when purchased at 1 Percent! Friends don't let friends smoke cheap knock offs.

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RAW Organic
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  • 5
    Raw rolls rule!

    Posted by William T on Nov 16, 2022

    Perfect for whatever floats your boat...shorties or super-long smokes. If you have a 12" roller, these are very handy. I love these with CBD flower.

  • 5
    Love at first roll

    Posted by Stoner E on Aug 28, 2022

    when i feel like rolling something massive these are my go to! Just a great smoking experience

  • 5

    Posted by DJ on Aug 19, 2022

    The choose-your-own-adventure book of rolling papers. Ideal for getting the job done, however you want it.

  • 5
    As advertised

    Posted by Skribbles on Sep 22, 2021

    Gotta have it for the phatty roller

  • 5
    RAW Roll

    Posted by HillbillyADK on May 04, 2021

    Love them I only order them from 1% great product and fast shipping.

  • 5
    Great Bargain

    Posted by Sharifa on Sep 08, 2019

    Love the paper roll. These have no chemicals and are easy to handle. They last a long time.

  • 5
    An enjoyable smoke

    Posted by Jeanne on Feb 16, 2019

    Love papers on a roll

  • 5

    Posted by Camden on Jul 23, 2018

    "such a great idea,perfect size for every occasion. got five friends? smoking by yourself? either way,it's perfect =)"

  • 5
    Great product!

    Posted by John on Jul 19, 2015

    "Awesome item,great alternative to blunts,or the extra wide,sloppy ones. Can cut to your own size....even a foot long."

  • 5

    Posted by Peyton on Jul 06, 2015

    My husband loves the roll! It's nice for when you just want a longer one or when you want a shorted one! It's also really nice for those who like to be creative with their rolling!