RAW Perfect Cone Maker

by RAW
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Easy cone rolling of a king size RAW Cone
This RAW Perfect Cone Maker makes it possible to roll your own RAWthentic king size cones, complete with filter tip. It’s really that easy!

The RAW Perfect Cone Maker was created to roll Kingsize RAW Papers into a perfect cone, each and every time.

Of course the Perfect Cone Maker can work with a variety of RAW paper sizes. If the perfect cone size for you is a smaller 1 1/4 or even a single wide, the Cone Maker can make it happen.

To complete a freshly rolled RAW cone pick up a RAW Perfecto or Maestro Cone Tips.

If you've had trouble finding King Sized pre-rolled cones or you're looking to economize, the RAW Perfect Cone Maker is for you.

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