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RAW Perspector

by: RAW

RAW Perspector Zoom

RAW Perspector

by: RAW
Organize your rolling and get up close to your herbs

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Admire your favorite legal smoking herbs up close and personal with the new RAW Perspector. This device is a must have for any serious smoker's toolkit! Not only can you zoom in on your herb with both 3x and 5x magnification, but you can light it up with either the super bright white or uv led lights.

RAW Perspectors also provide holders for just about any of the favorite smoking accessories you want to keep on hand. Holds a pack of rolling papers, 2 cones, a Clipper Lighter and provides a backstop for scooping up your herbs. Another RAW Innovation from RAW Rolling Papers

Each Perspector is designed with a magnetic base to attach to your favorite metal RAW rolling tray. It also includes a stand to attach so you can use it with or without a rolling tray.

Magnetic Magnifying Vision Enhancer.
• Superbright UV light & 3000k White LEDs
• Holders for a Clipper lighter, Pack of RAW Rolling Papers, and staging for 2 cones.
• USB rechargeable battery; cable included
• Includes weighted metal base for use without a metal rolling tray.
• Sold Individually (Rolling tray & Loader not included)

RAW Rolling Papers presents the RAW Perspector! Only for insane over-the-top smokers!

1 Percent has sold genuine RAW papers and accessories since they first started way back in 2005. No worries about getting a fake here! We buy direct :-)

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