RAW Phatty Roller

by RAW
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Extra Phat 125mm Rolling machine from RAW
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The RAW Phatty Roller is what you need to roll up an extra phat RAW joint. At 125mm wide (4.9in) it works best with the RAW rolling paper on a Roll; when you want to go big. Besides that you can use a slightly less long RAW King Size rolling paper (110mm) and still roll a finger wide smoke that's plenty phat.

Crystal clear 125mm acrylic roller that includes easy to follow instructions to get you started rolling your own extra phat roll ups and spliffs.

As an added bonus, this RAW rolling machine also rolls up the your typical blunt wraps from Juicy, High Hemp and more. Technically that makes it a blunt roller as well as phatty roller.

As with all RAW Rolling Papers and gear available at 1Percent, this is guaranteed real deal!
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  • 5
    Great for fatty joints and blunt

    Posted by Nico on Nov 22, 2020

    "Great for anything above 2 or 3 g,if its below 2g it rolls very crooked "

  • 5
    Big momma

    Posted by Eben on Nov 22, 2020

    This thang is big and beautiful! Fast shipping as well!